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Using the powerful and efficient ancient tool of the labyrinth we help people make life transitions. We offer trauma support for communities following disaster, conduct public events, and offer a training research/modality for professionals including mental health professionals, social workers, chaplains, US Military, and emergency response personnel. Our 1 1/2 day trai

training is always custom designed for our clients to address the needs of their clientele. Prices vary depending on services required. Contact us to discuss your needs.

The great labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral


We offer Churches and Community Centers custom designed one or two day custom designed retreats


The Way is made by Walking: We have been leading fellow travelers on the sacred paths for many years.

Pilgrimsleden:  St. Olav’s Way – July 2020

Dear Potential Pilgrims:

Peter Joffrion, Zara Renander and i are delighted to welcome you to the Way of St. Olav 2020 and to Norway. Astrid Hovingen LPC and Rev. Kerry Holder-Joffrion will be our guides on a journey of a lifetime through the fjords, by ways and valleys of Gudbransdalen and the Laagan River to Trondheim and the ancient seat of St. Olav. The journey will take us through the high mountain passes and sheep fields, holy islands and cathedrals, over a twelve day course in nature and spirituality. What better place than Norway and the ancient path of pilgrims as we explore the path of a bridge figure who integrated the Old Norse validations with the new learning of the ages and symbolized the role of transformative ower through purposeful action. St. Olav’s death crystalized a new world view that was compatible with Norway’s growth among peoples.

Astrid, and Asmund Hovingen are professionals who have guided pilgrimages past and are hiking enthusiasts with a penchant for adventure. Our hiking will average between 11 – 3 miles at the center of our high muntain path to the sea to less than 2 miles per day in Oslo and Trondheim. We will attend dramatic performances, organ concertos, worship services in churches and Trondheim Cathedral where we will be led by diocesan staff who are revitalizing the pathways for generations to come. This is a non-denominational, purposeful, spiritual exploraiton of creation and the power of nature. How does nature inform our living in 2020?

The pilgrimage will take place July 18 – July 30 and will culminate at the Olsok Festival and Stiklestad Drama by the fjord. We will travel by foot, by historic paddle steamer, train and row boat. The weather in Norway in the summer time is customarily both temperate and delightful. Please join us for a pathway to growth that you’ll never forget!

The cost of the pilgrimage is $4,995.00 per person exclusive of airfare. It includes meals while on the trail, ground transportation, lodging and guide fees. A non-refundable deposit of $750 will be due February 28, or until spaces in the program are filled. This is a customized package that will include pilgrim hostels, fellowship with companions from across the world, open-air theater and an experience of one of the most sacred sites in walking prayer.  Pilgrimage is an invaluable part of human development in spiritual traditions across the world. Pilgrims walk sacred paths where other feet have followed for generations, experience authentic and cultural expressions of hospitality, encounter rich spiritual connectedness and have amazing space and beautiful views to reflect on their own life’s purpose, direction and calling. Pilgrims are invited to bring and share their own stories and traditions during conversations. This pilgrimage is offered to all particpants regardless of faith tradition or perspective. We provide open, welcoming space to explore and encourage people to use their own values in discovery and analysis of their life goals and meanings. We invite you to join us.

For more information on: Are You Hearing the Call to Adventure: Norway 2020? please contact Kerry Holder-Joffrion at: or at 256-679-3854.

Iona, Scotland

This summer we’ll be leading a small women’s pilgrimage to the sacred island of Iona. The dates are: June 18 – 27. This group is already full, but we’ll wait list anyone who is interested.

Our pilgrimages have included:

  • The last 100 miles of the Camino in Spain (2)
  • Western Ireland and Croagh Patrick, (5)
  • Iona, Scotland (5)
  • Holy Island and Northumbria, UK
  • The Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage, Hayneville, AL
  • Christ of the Desert Monastery, NM
  • Paris to Chartres – The French Way (2)
  • Wild Women of the West, MT
  • St. Olav’s Way – Norway


Some of our Clients:

Turning Point Group’s client base includes

  • Asha Kiran – Domestic Abuse
  • Pinnacle Behavioral Heath
  •  VA Hospitals in Lexington KY, Tuscaloosa, & Tuskegee AL (Chaplains & Social Workers)
  • University of Iowa Hospital, (Trauma Response Team, Chaplains and Social Workers)
  • U.S. Military, Ft. Benning, GA Martin Community Hospital GA,   (Chaplains and Social Workers)
  • Redstone Arsenal (Suicide Prevention AMC and MWR)
  • U.S. Space & Rocket Center (Space Camp counselors and nurses)
  •  Churches and Community Centers for Wellness
  • University of Alabama (Student Health Services & Veteran Services)
  • Furman University, Cothran Center